Centrum Zieleni provides the following gardening services:
  1. Green area designs for private and public investors
  2. Garden designs
  3. Setting up gardens
  4. Garden revitalization
  5. Irrigation system designs and installation
  6. Setting up lawns
  7. Regular garden care and maintenance services
  8. Plant supply
  9. Effective plant disease and pest control
  10. Advisory services concerning plant care and protection and pest control
1) We design green areas of all types – home gardens, private and public gardens. We carry out the Client’s orders catering for their needs. We design green areas, gardens, recreation grounds of any size. We guarantee professional planning, thanks to which we obtain perfect space, suitable for the Client’s needs and local conditions. Our designs include carefully selected plants, small architecture, lighting and irrigation systems.
2) The most important element of the design preparation is a meeting and conversation with the Client. Thanks to it we create a garden which is suited to the owner’s needs. The garden design includes a draft version, two changes of which can be made free of charge, visualization based on the garden photograph, list of plants with size and price and list of works, materials and service fees.
3) Works begin with cleaning of the area. Then places for flower beds are formed and staked out. Next an irrigation system and small architecture objects, paths and places to rest are prepared. The following stage is preparation of soil for plantings to ensure optimal conditions for good plant growth and laying out the watering system. The final two stages are making flower beds, plantings and setting up a lawn.
4) Revitalization consists of intensive care works in the existing gardens, which have been lacking professional care. Depending on specific plant characteristics, the reconstruction may take a few years.
5) Professional garden irrigation enables proper and healthy development of plants growing at a particular location. Modern watering systems make it possible to dispense water evenly where necessary and to use water in an optimal way. Comprehensive irrigation services include:
  • irrigation system design

  • system supply and assembly

  • irrigation system maintenance services.

6) Setting our lawns. A thick green carpet in the garden is everyone’s dream. The first stage is to choose the right place and the appropriate grass mix. Depending on the intended purpose and sun exposure, various solutions are applied with different functional qualities. The grass mixture composition should be suited to load intensity of the lawn and soil type. The next stage of setting up a lawn is to prepare the ground, install the irrigation system and anti-mole net. The final stage of lawn planting is, depending on the material you choose, to lay sod / turf (rolls of soil with grass growing on it), or to spread topsoil and grass seed mix or to sow grass seed. The best time to start a new lawn is spring, from April to June or the months of August and September.
7) Garden care and maintenance. To enjoy a healthy looking garden, certain care and maintenance works have to be performed regularly such as:
  • Lawn care (mowing, fertilizing, weeding, aeration, verticulation, filling in bare spots)

  • Pruning of trees and shrubs

  • Formal trimming of trees and shrubs

  • Plant fertilizing

  • Plant disease and pest control

  • Filling in bald spots in flower beds

  • Protection of sensitive plants for winter

8) Plant supply. Our Company delivers carefully selected plant material of different sizes from renowned and trusted suppliers. We carry out orders from individual customers and from institutions.
9) Centrum Zieleni Sp. z o.o. effectively controls plant diseases and pests using professional methods. We have at hand a wide range of insecticides (insect killing agents), fungicides (fungi control agents), herbicides (weed killing chemicals) and growth regulators.
10) We provide support in plant care and maintenance and pest control, giving the Client advice appropriate for the particular plantings. We promote modern technical and technological solutions.

We will be pleased to serve you.