Center Zieleni Sp. z o.o. performs the following horticultural services:

  1. Designing green spaces for private and public investors
  2. Garden design
  3. Setting up gardens
  4. Garden revitalisation
  5. Design and implementation of irrigation systems
  6. Setting up lawns
  7. Systematic garden care
  8. Delivery of plants
  9. Effective fight against diseases and pests of plants.
  10. Advising on plant care and protection and pest control.

Ad. 1. Our offer consists of design services of every type of green space – domestic, private and public. We execute orders according to the client’s needs. We design squares, gardens, recreation areas of any size. We provide professional planning, thanks to which we get an excellent space, adapted to the customer’s needs and conditions occurring in a given place. Our designs include tailored plants, small architecture, lighting and irrigation systems.
Ad. 2. The most important element of the preparation of the project is a meeting, a conversation with the Client. Thanks to this, we create a garden tailored to the needs of the owner. The garden design includes a base version, which can be made two free changes, visualization based on a photo of the garden, a list of plants with size and price, as well as a list of works, materials and prices for the service.
Ad. 3. The first work consists in cleaning the site. Another is the formation and delineation of places for discounts. Preparation of irrigation installation and elements of small architecture, paths, places of rest. The next step is to prepare the soil for plantings, which will provide optimal conditions for good plant growth and the distribution of the irrigation system. The last two steps are the execution of the discount, plantings and the establishment of the lawn.
Ad. 4. Revitalization consists of performing intensive care work in existing gardens, which were devoid of professional care. Due to the peculiarities of plants, restoration can take several years.
Ad. 5. Professional hydration of gardens allows proper and healthy development of the vegetation located on the site. Modern irrigation systems allow for even dosing of water to places where it is necessary and optimal use of it. The comprehensive services include: desig
n of the irrigation system, deli
very and installation of the
system, service of irrigation systems.
Ad. 6. Setting up lawns. A dense green carpet in the garden is everyone’s dream. The first stage is the choice of place, it is necessary to choose the right mixture of grasses. Depending on the type of destination and the sun of the site, solutions with different characteristics are used. The composition of the grass mixture should also take into account the degree of intensity of the use of the lawn and the type of soil. The next stage of setting up the lawn is the preparation of the substrate, the installation of the irrigation system, and the arrangement of the protective mesh against moles. The final stage in the creation of the lawn is, depending on the selected material, the distribution from the roll, the arrangement of the ground mass with seeds or sowing. The most favorable date for setting up the lawn is spring, April to June or August, September.
Ad. 7. Garden care. In order for the garden to enjoy a healthy appearance – it should be regularly subjected to care
work such as: lawn care (mowing, fertilizing, weeding, aeration, verticulation, replenishment)
tree care cutting and shrubs forming
trees, shrubs fertilizing pla
nts with fightin
g diseases and pestsfilling th
e filling of the rebate prote
ction of plants sensitive to the winter period
Ad. 8. Delivery of plants. Our company provides carefully selected plant material in different sizes based on renowned and proven suppliers. We fulfill orders for individual and institutional customers.
Ad. 9. Center Zieleni Sp. z o.o. in a professional way effectively eliminates diseases and pests of plants. We have a wide range of insecticides (insecticides), fungicides (fungicides), herbicides (herbicides) and growth regulators.
Ad. 10. We provide support in the field of care and protection of plants and pest control, matching the recommendations for the customer to specific plantings. We promote modern technical and technological solutions.

We invite you to use our services.