Topbuxus grow


After a lot of research with different producers and institutions, we found out the ideal composition for the right basic fertilizer. It’s important that the Boxwood can absorb much sulphur, magnesium, calcium and kali at the right times of the year. In addition, the right NPK-proportion is essential. The Boxwood need the right amount of ‘food’ when the new leaves are coming. TOPBUXUS GROW is able to provide this. It’s a fertilizer that will be absorbed very quickly by the plants, which makes it able to notice the result fast. TOPBUXUS GROW keeps your Boxwood healthy, without yellow leaves


How to use:
Pot growing – put 1 gram of Topbuxus Grow granulate for 1 litre pot capacity (5L pot = 5gram etc..)
Repeat this 3 times a year starting on April till September.
Ground growing – put 50 gram of Topbuxus Grow granulate on each 1m square. Repeat the same as pot growing, 3 times a year starting from April till September.